Monday, 5 August 2013

Traffic calming on the Military Road

Today I have further meetings at Twice Brewed to try and ensure that we have a plan in place for the safety of locals and tourists who use the Military Road, whether as drivers, cyclists or hikers. I know the area well but was struck, on a recent visit to see locals living around Twice Brewed, just how dangerous the road and the junction down to Vindolanda was. I have since met with the Northumberland County Council and I am pleased to report that they are comissioning a traffic study to evaluate the problem properly. What is clear to me is that  the road area needs to be looked at to try and slow traffic down; we also need to ensure that any future development of the Sill is carried out with proper regard for road safety. I will be discussing this further with locals today and also will be meeting the team behind the Sill project - I am a big fan of the development of greater attractions, facilities and jobs in the National Park but we need to make sure this dovetails well with neighbours and is part of traffic improvements to this area.
UPDATE: Good meeting tonight and my thanks to everyone who came along - particularly the local councillors and representatives from the Highways Department of NCC. There is an agreement to produce a traffic surey fundamnetally organised by the Council to look at road safety both on the Military Road and on the junction leading down to Vindolanda and the road beyondc leading to the A69. The hope is to get a study done within 3 months, to include the chance for local representations to be made in writing - please email or wrie to the highways Department at NCC in Morpeth or alternatively write or email me and I will forward this information / contribution on.