Wednesday, 5 November 2014

My PMQ today

Is the PM aware that the region with :
-         the most technology start-ups [300] outside of London,
-         and fastest rate of growth in private sector business nationally over the last quarter ….. the North East of England..... and does he agree with me that only by sticking with our long term economic plan can we secure the future for all regions of the United Kingdom?

Fact checker:

Technology start ups:

Private Sector Growth by PMI Output

The graph below shows the regional PMI Output Indexes for the UK. An average of the latest three months is used. All 12 UK regions registered an increase in private sector business activity on average over the third quarter of 2014. The fastest rate of growth was seen in the North East, while Scotland registered the slowest expansion: PMI = Purchasing Managers Index [Lloyds Bank]


And ….Worth making the point that we are also the region with the highest rise in the value of its exports