Sunday, 16 November 2014

The Prime Minister announces new measures to be included in Counter-Terrorism Bill to keep UK safe

·         The UK faces a real and serious threat from international terrorism – a threat that has grown in recent months with the conflicts in Iraq and Syria where some UK citizens have gone to fight. It is vital that we tackle this threat and confront the violent and repellent ideology that is the root cause of it, in order to protect British citizens and keep our streets safe and secure.

·     We will shortly introduce a Counter Terrorism Bill that will give the police new powers to seize passports, stop suspects travelling and stop British citizens suspected of engaging in terrorist activity abroad from returning to the UK unless they return on our terms. The Bill will also contain new measures to stop airlines that refuse to comply with our no fly lists or security screening measures from landing in the UK.

·         As the Prime Minister made clear, there is no opt-out from dealing with the terrorist threat that we face – we have to confront it wherever it exists. By remaining steadfast in the face of this threat and by standing up for our values we will, in the end, defeat this extremism.

We are doing this by:
·         Giving police a new power to seize passports at the border to prevent people travelling to the region. This would be a new power for police and designated border officers to exercise at ports where they have ‘reasonable suspicion’ that an individual is travelling abroad to engage in terrorism related activity, providing them with an immediate response if concerns arise at the port.
·         Introducing new powers to stop British nationals returning to the UK unless they do so on our terms. A temporary exclusion order is intended to stop British foreign fighters returning to the UK unless they are willing to be subject to strict conditions.
·         Preventing airlines that don’t comply with our no-fly lists or security screening measures from landing in the UK. This includes new measures on ‘no fly’ lists and new powers to compel airlines to undertake specific security measures, such as additional passenger screening.

The PMs speech to the Australian Parliament on Friday is here:

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