Friday, 14 November 2014

It is Children in Need Day - reasons to be thankful - please give if you can

Went yesterday morning first thing to Wark first school, and arrived in time for the weekly visit of the reverend Mike Slade, the Chollerton Vicar, who is providing the religious education and support to Wark school at present. He talked the children through their reasons to be thankful - basing it on St Paul's letter to the Thessalonians. On the day when the children were focusing on Children in Need and what it means, and the fact that there are many in other countries, and our own, who are struggling, it was a brilliant start to the day. The children gave many reasons to be thankful. Everything from our parents, the food we eat, the availability of water and so much more was mentioned. The children loved the tale of Mike's cat - purring in thanks from his spot on the warm boiler in his house.
So today if you can - please give to children in need. Full details here: