Friday, 28 November 2014

Off to Kent today to support Conservative candidate Craig Mackinlay who will beat Nigel Farage by 5% according to yesterdays poll

Craig is an active local candidate who is going to win in South Thanet. His website is here:

I am campaigning with Craig this afternoon in Ramsgate and then speaking at a Dinner for him in North Foreland tonight. I am much looking forward to it. I do around 40 speaking engagements a year, mostly in Northumberland but as far afield as Aberdeen to Argyll, London this week, before Kent today and Newcastle in 2 weeks.

It is Not a good time for South Thanet Ukippers at the moment:
1. A poll in the last 24 hours of South Thanet show Farage losing the general election: he is 5% points behind Craig our Conservative candidate: "Ukip are five points behind the Tories in Thanet South (34-29), where Farage is standing, with Labour just three behind." More details here:

2. Yesterday the South Thanet Ukippy team wrongly identified Westminster Catholic Cathedral as a Mosque, allowing the BBC and the nation to point out the error of their ways: the story is genuinely worth a read: everyone makes mistakes but the timing is bad.

Craig is the real deal: have a read here and you will see why: