Thursday, 13 November 2014

Youth Parliament this Friday Nov 14: our future MPs love this great opportunity + innovation

Youth Parliament is a fantastic success story - a single day when our future Prime Ministers and MPs come and debate a whole series of topics at the House of Commons - presided over by the Speaker. I will try and make it to the Chamber -Members of Parliament are allowed access, but must stand at the bar of the house and watch... and not say anything!
However, it is also on Parliament TV and well worth watching. Anyone who says we lack orators and that there is no future in our youth should watch this as they will definitely be proven wrong. I am not aware of the final motions they are debating but there is a shortlist of 10 that I set out below.

Votes at 16 and the argument that young people should be directly involved in making laws and a voice in improving their communities

Funding for youth services and a curriculum to prepare young people for adult life

Mental health services, paying the Living Wage and Assisted suicide / Euthanasia

Bring back exam resits in Maths and English, Work Experience