Monday, 22 June 2015

Anti austerity & Dianne Abbott take a fall with Andrew Neil and hard facts yesterday

There is no better interviewer on TV than Andrew Neil and he utterly destroyed the arguments of the anti austerity campaigners yesterday. Dianne Abbott stepped in to argue a series of positions, which effectively said the Greek way of doing things is the good way of doing things, and that the ultra left wing MP, Jeremy Corbyn, is the person best placed to lead the Labour Party and be PM.

The interview, which is copied below, is worth a watch for 7 minutes.
But more importantly is the sober analysis done by journalist Fraser Nelson of the utter fallacy of the claims she makes using independent statistics and the figures. This is set out in detail on the link and should be essential reading for all anti austerity campaigners.

On tax:
“We should be making sure that the people with the broadest shoulders bear the greatest burden,” she said. 
The chart shows clearly - That’s precisely what George Osborne did when he cut the top rate of tax (see the chart in link below). The best-paid 1pc, 0.1pc and 0.01pc are all shouldering a greater share of the burden than at any time under Labour (which had 40% tax rates for 99.9% of its time in office).

On jobs she again fails to realise the jobs revolution we are enjoying, and the fact that over 75% of all  jobs are full time, and that this stat is going up.
Don't take my word for it. Watch the interview and have a look at the figures.