Monday, 15 June 2015

It is Mens Health Week - time to get a check up?
I am delighted to support Men's Health Week. The honest truth is that too many men die because they did not get a check up, thought it unmanly to see a GP or complain and this has to change.
Ask yourself:
- when was the last time you went to a GP, to have even a brief check up of blood pressure?
- a PSA test will potentially save your life and warn you of future prostrate cancer before it is too late.
- if you have blood when you go to the loo go to a doctor! That can be very serious. Too many men do not want to discuss it because it is embarrassing. So is bowel cancer so get it looked at.

I have made a start by going on a 50 mile bike ride on Sunday, have my long distance eyes tested [I need glasses for driving etc] and having my PSA taken at the Fortis Clinic first thing this morning.
As I have broken over a dozen bones I am off to the osteopath tomorrow  - lord knows I need it!

I will be blogging more about the fundraising campaigns, sponsored bike rides, triathlons and marathons, and ultimately the races I am hoping to be riding in over the next 12 months.