Sunday, 7 June 2015

Westminster this coming week - Scotland, the EU and constituent meetings dominate

Monday sees the start of the Scotland Bill, which brings into effect the Smith Commission on devolution of powers to the Scottish Parliament. This parliament will feature massive devolution to the smaller countries of the UK, and the regions of the UK. Scotland is leading the way as a country, although Wales and Northern Ireland are not far behind. 
The regional devolution is to Greater Manchester at first as they are ready to go and embrace the process. The North East combined Authority has to make its mind up and fast!

Tuesday sees the strata of the Bill that allows for the EU referendum bill. I will blog more on this later in the week. Wednesday is PMQs and an opposition day debate, with finance bills following on Thursday afternoon, before I run for the train North. 

I also have key meetings with constituents in a business capacity this week, notably the chief executive of the LEP Bob Patton, concerning jobs and growth plans for the LEP, on Monday, and Tobyn Hughes, on Wednesday, primarily concerning an integrated transport plan and the future of north East transport. Both meetings will be very interesting.