Thursday, 18 June 2015

The Greater London Mayor has shown the difference a mayor can make to a region like the North East

I hope that the North East is looking at the impact a Mayor has had on Greater London, and other great cities and regions of the world, and thinking: this would help us! Why can't we have something like this?
- A single person promoting the region
- The region working as one, not a collection of warring neighbours
- A critical mass to compete with the larger regions of Germany and beyond.
- A region with integrated transport, joined up healthcare and so much more.
- A region batting above its weight to ensure more jobs, growth and a better future.

The evidence is clear: mayors, with a proper remit and a broad canvass can make a big difference. The Mayor of London has a multitude of places, concerns, interests and people to look after across a huge land mass and a totally diverse landscape. London is many things to many people: from the suburbs to leafy green belt to the City's square mile and Soho, and so much in between.

In Westminster the race to succeed Boris Johnson is hotting up. Key local figures are throwing their hat into the ring for a job with real power to make a difference: the latest report on Zac Goldsmiths announcement is here: