Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Maiden speeches by my neighbour Anne Marie Trevelyan [and Boris] on Monday in the Commons

I am doing a series of blogs on the Maiden speeches given in the Commons this week.
My neighbour in Berwick upon Tweed, Anne Marie Trevelyan, has worked as a candidate for over 8 years to get elected last month, and I was by her side on Monday evening as she gave her maiden speech in The House of Commons.
The full transcript of her speech is here:
Her speech was a very One Nation consensual approach, with a fair and warm hearted tribute to her predecessor. The best passage was this:
"I am only the second woman to be elected as MP for Berwick, the first having been Mabel Philipson, elected in 1923, also as a Conservative. She was only the third woman to enter this House as an elected representative, and no doubt she would be pleased to see that following recent elections we now have some 30% representation by female MPs across the House. Mabel was the mother of a disabled child and a vociferous champion for improved disability rights. She was an actress before she came to Parliament, and I sometimes think that she had better training than I have had, as a chartered accountant, to tackle the theatrical nature of this Chamber and its tough audience—both without and within! But I am encouraged by her success in her areas of interest, and am committed in my time here to work tirelessly to ensure that all children, whatever advantages or challenges their circumstances have thrust upon them, will be able to achieve their full potential. I believe passionately that all children have great futures, but sometimes the adults around them limit their potential. There is always more we can do to inspire, protect and encourage the next generation."
Anne Marie will be a great advocate for North Northumberland.

On the same day Boris gave his second maiden speech. As always it was pure Boris. The full speech is here:

My favourite passage was this where Boris introduced the word "schmoozathon" to Hansard and the 2015 parliament.

"I congratulate the Prime Minister on the élan and success with which he has begun his pan-European schmoozathon in the chancelleries of Europe. I believe his efforts will be crowned with success." 
Life will certainly not be dull with Boris in the House of Commons.