Tuesday, 28 March 2017

There is another RMT Union rail strike Saturday April 8 - union action is misguided and wrong

Once again the RMT have chosen to go on strike - I have very little sympathy with such a premature, misguided and unproductive withdrawal of labour. RMT leaders are not helping.
I have blogged about this strike before:

The Courant have reported this upcoming second strike here: http://www.hexham-courant.co.uk/news/Another-24-hour-rail-strike-set-to-hit-Tyne-Valley-line-9dd517f5-2157-454e-aed4-d162bb7cdffd-ds

For those who are curious union boss Mr Cash allegedly earns £137,000 a year! This is double what an MP earns and almost what the Prime Minister does.

The key point is that Northern have really committed to the Tyne Valley Line and to the extra security on the line - this strike will affect the tyne valley commuters yet the same service is now better for Tyne Valley commuters. Utterly illogical. I am a strong supporter of unions but the RMT have got this strike way wrong.