Friday, 31 March 2017

#WearaHatday - I am getting involved to support brain tumour research

I will be wearing a hat today. I have been fortunate enough to race ride since my tumour so I will definitely wear a crash hat and my Northumberland hat. 
I will be there in. Wylam with many of the local school kids
Many people are campaigning for more support, research and investigation of the causes and treatment of brain tumours. I suffered a non malignant meningioma in 2011, from which I made a full recovery. Others have not been so lucky. Many locals have got behind the Stay Strong Stu campaign which has supported the matter being raised and debated in more detail in parliament. This process has begun. There is an ongoing campaign for more research - here is the link in Parliament to the recent evidence session:
Spending on the NHS is going up, but there are always more demands for resources and, more particularly in this case, for a change in emphasis and allocation of the NHS resources to focus more on brain tumour research and treatment. If you have not seen the amazing work of the Ridley family and the locals behind the campaign then go here:
There is, at the same time, amazing work being done by many surgeons and academics; but, in particular, last year I was fortunate enough to meet and discuss progress with the amazing team from Newcastle University, who are genuinely leading the way in such research, diagnosis and new treatments.
Some of what they are doing is described here: