Sunday, 5 March 2017

Westminster this week - dominated by the Budget in the Commons and the Brexit Bill in the lords

A very busy week in the houses of parliament. The Budget will be delivered by Philip Hammond, MP, on Wednesday at 12:30. At about the same time the lords will give their final determination on the article 50 bill that has previously passed the commons, and send it back for further consideration in the commons sometime in the ensuing next week.
I have a packed week this week in the commons, which includes debates on Monday until 10pm on the vehicle technology and aviation bill, which will set out new laws on everything from drones to driverless cars.  Tuesday sees further consideration of the Children and social work bill. After the delivery of the budget on Wednesday there is a 4 day debate on the budget until next Tuesday week.
In other news, this week is the national apprenticeship week and I will be writing about and meeting with many on the subject. I have a number of constituents down in the commons this week, and will be in Westminster until late Thursday night.