Sunday, 19 March 2017

Westminster this coming week: Prisons and Court Reform bill dominates but rural oscars, Red Nose Day also feature

Monday sees the Prisons and Court Reform Bill begin its 6-9 month journey through the Houses of Parliament. The second reading debate is from 3:30-10.
More details about the bill are found here:
There are multiple other debates next week, and key celebrations, notably the Countryside Alliance Rural Oscars - where we celebrate some f the best rural shops and businesses in the country. I have multiple meetings this week in Westminster, but am heading north on Thursday as Friday is a packed surgery and meeting day, starting with the launch of the LifeSavers project teaching financial education in our local schools. I am also starting a short course of lecturing at newcastle university where I have volunteeered to help out the teaching staff on a couple of lectures and seminars over the next six weeks. In addition to all that we also have multiple celebrations in London and Northumberland for Red Nose Day.