Sunday, 8 October 2017

An inspirational community champion and a welcome announcement

One of my highlights of the past week was when I met with Alicia Armstrong, a recipient of one of my Hexham Constituency Community Champion awards. Alicia is a leukaemia survivor who has since set world records at swimming in the World Transplant Games. A bone marrow donor was found for Alicia, offering her a life-saving transplant, and I discussed with Alicia the need to sign up more organ donors as she is an ambassador for organ donation and understandably passionate about this issue. I was delighted therefore to hear the Prime Minister announce this week plans to create an opt-out system for organ donation. This is great news, and will undoubtedly save lives. Alicia is such an inspirational young lady and it was an honour to spend time speaking with her about an issue she is so passionate about.