Thursday, 20 June 2013

40yrs of The Wylam Globe and Puffing Billy festival coming soon!

I am a big fan of local newsletters. As well as my own, which I produce as your local MP to keep people up to date with my activities, I am a keen reader of those produced by our local Parish Councils. One of the most recognised is "The Wylam Globe" - the newsletter from Wylam Parish Council. Believe it or not the Globe has been going for some 40 years!
It was first produced in July 1973 and has been in production every since. That's longer than The Independent newspaper!
Wylam Parish Council do an excellent job for the local community. The new Parish Councillors in Wylam are:
Tom Martin, Anne Francis, Maureen Gillis, Brian Japes, Tony Mitcham, Stephen Barlow.
Tom Martin was re-elected as Chairman of the Parish Council.
Coming soon is the Puffing Billy Festival celebrating the 200th anniversary of the first steam locomotive. It will be a wondrous celebration of Wylam's railway history. Full details are found here:

AND here