Thursday, 19 September 2013

Taking action on train anti social behaviour

This week I have called on Northumbria Police and the British Transport Police to investigate complaints of antisocial behaviour on the Newcastle - Carlisle train line. Both services do a fantastic job, in difficult circumstances, but I have written to Northumbria Police Chief Constable Sum Sim and Chief Superintendent of the British Transport Police Terry Nicholson to outline my concerns at anti social behaviour sometimes escalating into fights. I have received complaints from constituents who are both passengers and railway staff concerned at rowdy and occasionally abusive passengers being allowed on to the trains at newcastle, having had too much to drink, and then causing problems. The behaviour is often worst on the Friday evenings 21.18 from Newcastle, and occasionally on match day trains. We will sort it out, but I would welcome feedback from constituents on this issue
Interesting feedback, including the comment below, but many constituents make the case that this problem is not resolved. It helps that the trains are alcohol free, but the issue is why the police in Newcastle are letting some people well under the influence to get on these trains, if the BTP are getting off at Hexham, which they are.

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  1. your about two months late ? this issue was dealt with my managerment and unions in the summer .. the 21.18 and the 19.25 trains to carlise are both dry trains on a saturday both are policed by the B.T.P .staff are checking tickets prior to departure to high light any attampt at fare evasion and to identify any attempt to take alchohol on board.. and for the last two months there has not been any anti social behaviour reported to managerment or the unions ..and for your information the 21.18 has never had any trouble on a friday night for months and months ...perhaps you should contact northern managerment or the R.M.T before listening to tittle tattle from your constituents