Monday, 6 January 2014

Sky Sports Living at Corbridge Middle School

Last week before Christmas I popped into the Corbridge Middle School to meet their PE / Sports teacher Dan, and Katy Storie, who is a sky sports mentor.

The Sky Sports Programme is really exciting and a real help to the children. Katy is a former England Rugby Player. Dan is a self confessed sports addict, both keen to see transformation in the children. It was great to see this programme engaging the children: the kids were captivated by Katy, her tales of success and problems as an elite athlete, and the lessons she tried to teach the kids as part of a Living for Sport campaign, that is to be really applauded. In barely an hour she had clearly changed the children's perceptions and approach to sport, and also altered their approach to life. 

The campaign focuses on mental toughness, hunger to achieve, people skills, sports and life knowledge, breaking barriers, and planning for success. I am pleased to say that Sky are supporting several of the schools in the west Northumberland area and I am going to try and follow their development over the next 6 months, popping into the schools as and when I can. It was also good to go to Corbridge Middle School and meet some of the teachers, albeit briefly before Katie started her session.

I look forward to going back, but was particularly struck by the optimism, good manners, cheeriness and willingness to learn amongst the children that Katy was teaching. I am sure the children will do well under Katy and Dan's guidance. Watch this space! For more details on Katy and the Sky programme that is going to several schools go here: