Friday, 2 October 2015

Lugano finally give up on trying to build on the Ponteland green belt

This development on the green belt between Newcastle and Northumberland was a titanic struggle of the people v a very large and powerful corporation. It was a struggle involving many years of campaigning, and became a test case battle between commnity versus inappropriate development.
It is only now, for sure, that we can say that our long fight to stop Lugano building 280 houses at Birney Hill, on the greenbelt around Ponteland and Darras Hall, is finally over.
This is how the Inspectors appeal in January was reported:

Now, Lugano has just confirmed to the Pont News and Views that it is not pursuing a judicial review - the only remaining avenue for them after the Conservative Local Government Secretary Greg Clark MP rejected the appeal against the refusal of planning permission.

The Local Government Minister backed the conclusions of the Planning Inspector to reject Lugano's plans to build on the greenbelt.

The Minister agreed with local people that the proposed development would be “seriously harmful to the Green Belt”.
That decision I reported here:

The decision by Lugano to decide not to pursue a judicial review brings our two-and-a-half year battle on this particular site to a very welcome close. I could not have done this without the help of the local councillors, the local community and everyone involved in the campaign.
Full story here: