Thursday, 24 January 2013

A tale of two leaders

How did Miliband and Merkel react to DC's speech? It is worth examining:

Mrs Merkel, the German Chancellor, said she wants to see a deal after David Cameron called for radical EU reforms and promised a public vote on Britain's membership. "Germany, and I personally, want Britain to be an important part and an active member of the European Union," she said today.
"We are prepared to talk about British wishes .. We will talk intensively with Britain about its individual ideas but that has some time over the months ahead."
I would call this a very positive reaction.

However, Ed Miliband, at PMQs, said he does "not want an in-out referendum" on Britain's membership.
My neighbour in room 101 of the House of Commons offices is the veteran Labour MP Keith Vaz. In my view he put the situation well:
"I’m in favour of us staying within Europe but I think this is a big issue that needs to be put to the British people so they can decide in the end," he said.

What is clear is that on this issue there is now a straight choice. I am not going to repeat the PMs speech or waste time repeating Miliband's refusal to countenance a vote. The facts speak for themselves.