Friday, 25 January 2013

Snow coming down in Northumberland

Breakfast canvassing in Haltwhistle with Ian Hutchinson in the snow - lots of people in and a really good response, then Potholes for elevenses with ITV, Surgeries all afternoon in Hexham and Humshaugh, and 5 a side footie for afters for 90 long minutes this evening. Long day, and only just made it home sliding around on the back roads to Stamfordham.
Got in to a scrap with the Lib Dem Council in the paper today because they are not prioritising the repair of the road that leads to the Bywell County Showground, above Stocksfield Station. The Journal made the point that the County Show is the number one celebration of Northumberland / a huge economic and tourist event, and our showpiece. The show organisers would like the Council to make this repair happen, and action work that the Council presently schedule to finish sometime around July [2 months after the show]. Their article is here:
For me it is about priorities. Many people are working to get this matter resolved, and alleviate the impact on the key affected local businesses. Clearly there are many road projects in Northumberland. Do not get me started on the failure to repair the potholes. But the access and success of the Northumberland Show must surely be our number one tourist / economic regeneration priority?