Friday, 4 January 2013

Back in Westminster

I have been back at work in Westminster since January 2nd catching up on the letters, emails and requests of constituents and preparing for the start of the new term on Monday.

Monday also features Home Office Questions and various Urgent Questions to Ministers on topical issues.

Once again I urge as many constituents as possible to come and visit Parliament - it is your Parliament afterall.

Tours are easy to arrange and well worth it - simply call the London office on 0207 219 7227, and Pete from Stocksfield will pick up the phone and sort things out for you.

Why is Westminster special? Do not take my word for it - although I constantly sing the House of Commons praises... but read this wonderful report from the BBC which explains some of its amazing history.

All of us who work here consider it a great privilege to be in the mother of parliaments, in an amazing set of buildings, where history stalks you with every step. We are all custodians of something far bigger than any government, or MP. Both governments and MPs come and go but democracy, the rule of law, and the representation of the people, by the people, goes on. That is something very special that we should all be proud of.