Saturday, 26 January 2013

Bargain haircut at Northumberland College new centre in Hexham

Got a bargain haircut for £3! On thursday I returned to the wonderful Northumberland College building in the centre of Hexham. I met once more with the students and their tutor who is guiding them through their hairdressing course. Having promised to return for a cut I duly returned on thursday afternoon & received a cut from the students, who are all loving their course. Had really good chats with the girls from Whitfield, Crawcrook and Prudhoe who are on the course.
If this college did not exist they would have to try and get in to Newcastle to study.
This is a great example of the government trying to do its bit to bring proper courses to the rural community, not just the big city centres. My experience was with the hairderssers but the college also does everything from accounting to business administration to social care and tourism courses, and so much more. It is doing very well and full praise to everyone involved. It was also a really good value for money haircut at £3!