Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Guest Post: Cath Homer, Hexham East

 I am very involved with many activities in the town, from the Abbey to the Scouts, however  I had never previously thought of running  for office. I am not a politician. But I do want to improve our community. I want to get things done.

I believe we have a strong sense of community here in Hexham, and we can achieve great things when we work together.

 The County Council needs to do more for Hexham:
- from small things, like tackling litter and graffiti, and smartening up or town
- to helping our retailers fight back so that we have a town centre we are all proud of
- to big things like backing our campaign for investment in our high school, and upgrading our bus station.

I launched the campaign to fight for investment in Queen Elizabeth High because, as a mum of three myself, I know our kids deserve a high school which is fit for the future. I will be pushing hard for funding to make that a reality.

I also know how important our local NHS is. I am determined to protect the quality of services at Hexham General Hospital.

I won’t be making any big promises I can’t keep. The only promise I will make is that I will work hard to do my best to serve our local community.