Monday, 22 July 2013

Greenbelt update: Taking concerns to the top

Last week I raised my concerns about the greenbelt with Planning Minister Nick Boles at the first meeting of a group of MPs we have set up to give the greenbelt a voice in Parliament. I am Secretary of the group.

It is clear the group is already helping to give the greenbelt a voice. We have now had our first meeting as a group and already we have been able to outline some of the issues directly to the Planning minister..

Our group is made up of MPs campaigning to protect our greenbelt. It is beyond doubt that leading the campaign to defend our precious greenbelt from developers, who are simply looking for a quick profit, is the right thing to do for the people I represent. We have now been able to expand that campaign to the heart of Government.

I have confidence that Tynedale and Ponteland's greenbelt will remain protected from developers. We have a very strong case here to ensure the County Council does not wipe away our greenbelt protection