Monday, 8 July 2013

New National Curriculum

The Government has today launched a new rigorous, engaging and tough national curriculum for schools.
Key skills have been brought forward and a new range of demanding tasks introduced to really ensure our pupils are able to get ahead, especially when it comes to computing.
In ICT for example word processing will be replaced by allowing children to create and test computer programs they write themselves.
In design and technology children as young as seven will be introduced to computer aided design techniques and the world of 3D printing.
In you have ever seen a child with an iPhone or an iPad you will be only to aware how advanced our kids have become - and how important it is we make sure they have the chance to push their skills.
Under the new curriculum, children will also be taught about the very important issue of internet safety at a much younger age, and how to keep thier personal details private online.
Education Secretary Micheal Gove said: "This curriculum is a foundation for learning the vital advanced skills that universities and businesses desperately need – skills such as essay-writing, problem-solving, mathematical modelling and computer programming."