Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Campaign for increased public protection on late night trains takes a step forward

Very large numbers of constituents have complained about the actions of a minority of drunks and idiots on the late night trains primarily from Newcastle to Hexham. We have met with dozens of residents both from the Tyne Valley Rail Users Group and locals from Hexham, Haydon Bridge and Haltwhistle who have been so affected.
After a recent meeting with BTP and Northern I am really grateful to them for making the effort to try a full time monitoring of the 2 key trains. Thus, in a new pilot project will see British Transport Police boarding trains between the two cities and travelling on both the 7.25pm and 9.18pm departures on a Friday and Saturday night. It is fair to say I have never had any complaints on any other trains save these evening trains.
It is hoped disorder on these routes will be prevented by the British Transport Police (BTP) presence.
As always I would ask anyone on the trains to write or email in with their comments and suggestions. See the full report in the Journal here: