Sunday, 9 March 2014

Free vote on Assisted Suicide Law Change

The law needs to change: I have long campaigned for a change in the law on assisted suicide. There needs to be very stringent safeguards but I am as one with many Labour collegaues - Paul Blomfield, MP, Heidi Alexander, MP, and Lord Falconer are 3 amongst many who seek a law change. Interesting to see my Liberal colleague Norman Lamb, MP, who works in the Department of Health also advocating a change in the law. The Conservatives cause is led by Sir Richard Ottaway, MP.
The previous debate, and the opinion polls, on this issue is found here:
We presently have one law for the rich, another for the poor. Noone who has gone to Dignitas in Switzerland has had family members who have helped them prosecuted. Yet such an option is simply beyond the means of 99% of the population. The Telegraph reports a free vote on the change in the law - this is something I would welcome.