Sunday, 2 March 2014

Northern Ireland, On the runs & the deals that were done for peace

I cannot improve on the article written yesterday by Charles Moore on the Downey case concerning the Hyde Park bombings:

It is well worth a read. I am still unsure if this is a conspiracy, as Moore alleges, and as many in the House of Commons did last week, or a cock up, as some are saying: on any interpretation it stinks, and I have never seen politicians [all the Irish parties, Labour, Conservative, Liberal] on all sides of the House of Commons as angry as they were on Wednesday.

The debate and my question to the Attorney General and his answer are here:

I am pleased that a Judge led independent inquiry is now following on from that debate.
Now today the labour MP, Peter Hain, who was Tony Blair's Northern Ireland Secretary of State, has announced that he believes that it is wrong for soldiers to be pursued for their part in the Bloody Sunday incident. I could not agree more and am dismayed that this was not done as part of the whole peace process.
The only conclusion to be drawn is that this is what happens when things are not clearly spelt out, and Blair does something "Tonyish".