Saturday, 8 March 2014

Great news as the Hexham Hospital gets an upgrade

Last week I was pleased to open the new scanner at Hexham Hospital. This scanner is a further example of the improvement in the health facilities that are on offer for us in Tynedale. I was shown the new kit by Radiographer John Richardson, previous patient Pauline Gilroy, and consultant Rita Robson. The scanner will help diagnose a range of conditions quickly.

This bit of kit costs in excess of £500,000, and is state of the art advanced diagnostic equipment.
The scanner, which can be used for any part of the body, provides high quality images to enable clinicians at the hospital to quickly assess patients.
The machine is genuinely state of the art, and I should know as I have used them a lot when I was a jockey; this is excellent news that local people are able to have their scans here in Hexham, without having to travel out of the area, and be able to have their appointments sooner.
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