Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Male Cancer is a killer - are you going commando on Friday?
1000 men a week are diagnosed with bowel, prostrate or testicular cancer. If there is early diagnosis most will live. But most men are reluctant to talk about anything below the waistline. We need to change this and the only way is by talking about it!
To their credit a number of celebs have led the way by agreeing to Go COMMANDO on Friday
You should do too!
I will be going Commando on Friday.

And if you have not had a check up do so.
If you see blood when you go to the loo this is serious and get it checked out. My family have a history of cancer, and I have regular check ups. We are all going to die. Don't die of embarrasement. That would be a waste.

Only yesterday I raised this campaign in the House of Commons when my colleague Eric Ollerenshaw was raining the issue of Pancreatic Cancer. Full debate and my request for all colleagues to commando is here: