Monday, 3 March 2014

Westminster this coming week

The North East after a Scottish "Yes" vote is the key debate this week - at 9.30 on Tuesday. I will be making the case for the Union but also addressing the impact of independence on North East trade, jobs, borders and so much more.
Also on Tuesday I will be
i). At 11am meeting Northern Rail and the British Transport Police both for an update and specifically to address a lack of cover on the Tyne Valley line, as complained about by many constituents.
ii). At 1.30 meeting with the top HCA representative concerning Prudhoe Hospital and any other HCA sites in Tynedale
There are many National Apprenticeship Week events this week, all of which are designed to ensure more people take on an apprentice.
Thursday is International Womens Day and we will be welcoming 1 female student who is representing our patch of Northumberland and taking her both to Number 10, around the Commons and to the Speakers House.
I also have a series of meetings with Northumberland College representatives, Home Office Meetings, and several constituency casework calls to make.