Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Amazing new electric bikes in Allendale - you have to try them out

Last week I went to Allendale to meet Jo Dixon and the many others helping to regenerate Allendale.
We are pictured outside the post office, with the new electric bikes available in the village, which are amazing. I am no Chris Froome, but he would have been hard pressed to keep up as we whizzed up the Allendale hills - the bikes are so good in that they are normal bikes on the flat ... but the moment that you hit a slope they kick in and you pedal effortlessly up the hills like Lance Armstrong on steroids. Whilst doing the tour of Allendale, I came across curlews who rose effortlessly from the side of the road and flew off to the moors with their haunting sounds. The curlew was so beautiful.
If you have not been to Allendale, and the incredible countryside around it, you have to go.