Sunday, 6 July 2014

Sunday working in Westminster but with lots of sport for company

I am trying to catch up on the mountain of emails and ongoing issues, and prepare for the coming week in Westminster, which promises to be very busy. However, although the day will be long, I have a lot of sport - form Le Tour to the Grand Prix and Wimbledon to keep me company.

Tomorrow we have Home Office Business, a debate on Universal Credit and I am going to the Bright Blue Event and speaking briefly there. Tuesday we have the Modern Slavery Bill in the House of Commons and I have everything from Home Office PPS work on a Terrorist debate first thing to a meeting with the Falkland Island Government Representatives, plus an update from Foreign Office Ministers on the situation in Iraq and Syria. Wednesday there are opposition day debates on Housing and Education, and I hope to speak in Westminster Hall first thing on local plans. Wednesday night I am meeting with Women to Win and some of the candidates I have mentored. 
Thursday I have a breakfast meeting with the BBC [hate breakfast meetings - who was it who said - "only dull people are brilliant at breakfast?"] followed by Transport Questions and an all day debate on European Policy and JHA Opt outs.

We have several constituency phone calls, surgeries and Westminster visits this week, notably Hexham's Hermione Crisp who is in the London office for work experience this week.