Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Prudhoe Community High School - an Update

A number of weeks ago I got the chance to sit down and talk to Deborah Reeman, the headteacher, who is doing a good job. I have also spoken to several of the parents and teachers at the school.

All of us were very surprised at the view of Ofsted last autumn and the school have gone to great lengths to turn the situation around. It would be wrong of me to comment excessively, not least because I am huge supporter of the school, but all I can say is this:

- the school is being well led, and there is a renewed sense of purpose and optimism, with a real belief that the exam results this summer will show improvement, and eventually a positive reassessment by Ofsted
- the building of a new school will definitely go ahead and will begin before Spring 2015 [it will be built next to the existing school site]
- the vast majority parent and pupil I have spoken to over the past 6 months is optimistic about the school's future based on how it is doing now.
- I can only recommend the school wholeheartedly.
 - I know that some people will be concerned about a change in the governing body, but Northumberland County Council has my full support in ensuring the school has the best possible tools and strategies at its disposal to improve the current situation.
As part of the work we are doing to help the school I am  doing all I can to ensure that the sports facilties after the rebuild are genuinely the best in Northumberland.
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