Friday, 4 July 2014

Schools like Heddon on the Wall First School will get more money with the Fairer Funding campaign

I have been campaigning on school funding since 2008 - it is the same point that I hear from Headteachers at every school school I visit. But Heddon is the best example: you walk out of Heddon and walk down the hill to Throckley and Newburn and within 3 minutes I am in Newcastle Education area. And the difference in education funding is almost £1000 per pupil. This is changing thanks to the £10 million plus top up funding announced by Schools Minister, David Laws MP, in the spring. I visited Heddon last week and met the Headteacher and the children who are celebrating their recent award and also helped with the campaign for the local park     
Separately I have had to make the point that the Coalition is addressing the Fairer Funding campaign and genuinely changing school funding to rural counties who have lost out for so long under successive governments. More details here: