Monday, 14 July 2014

Why we are having to introduce emergency data law to maintain status quo this week

A European Court of Justice (ECJ) ruling earlier this year meant the powers to retain data was under threat. 
All 3 party leaders have agreed that if the information were to be deleted, or no longer collected, it would seriously impede the UK's ability to fight crime and protect the country against terrorism. I repeat it is not a development in data communications, but keeping the law as it was 3 months ago, before the ECJ Ruling.  
I cannot overstate this enough. This information keeps us safe. The point I would make to privacy campaigners is that this action merely maintains the status quo: it's not an encroachment on the rights of people not to have their communications monitored. As always I will write to constituents in detail on this matter but I am absolutely convinced it is the right thing to do. We are debating this Tuesday and Wednesday, following last weeks statement and debate in the house on Thursday.
Here is an explanation of the new law, and what it means to people who live in the UK: