Monday, 7 July 2014

Trying to show the Scots we want them to stay - more action by Better Together on the border

Anne Marie Trevelyan, the Conservative candidate for Berwick on Tweed, and Rory Stewart, MP for Penrith and the Borders, are both passionate Unionists and are both doing what they can to make the Scots stay.
On Saturday July 19th Anne Marie is leading the Border Union Rally along the Scottish Border from Carter Bar to Kirk Yetholm: Full details of what will be an amazing day out and a great hike here:

Similarly my colleague in the House of Commons, Rory Stewart MP is behind the project to create a Cairn on the border at Gretna, starting on Sunday July 20: as he writes:

"Right on the border, in a field at Gretna, we are inviting families from Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland to bring stones and build a great cairn. Stone cairns have been built in Northern England and Scotland for millennia, to celebrate a sense of shared space. Together we hope to construct a striking and lasting testimony to the Union.
We will begin the project on Sunday July 20th and continue every day thereafter, for the following eight weeks and hopefully beyond. We would always love to hear from anyone who is coming, but we also want people to feel they can just turn up and make their mark."
For my part I will be campaigning in Scotland repeatedly between now and September 18.
I urge locals to get behind both projects. The simple question is this: what are you doing to save the Union?