Saturday, 6 September 2014

Church Steeplechase by bike, horse, car or foot coming soon! Where will u go?

Saturday 13 September sees the annual Northumberland Historic Churches Steeplechase. If you have not done this wonderful event I urge you to try. This is my report of last years steeplechase:
The origin of horse racing in this country is steeple chasing - riding from church steeple to church steeple across country. These days you can do this across Tynedale by horse, foot, bike or even car.
You simply pick the churches you want to go to, plan a route and get a few sponsors. Last year I went everywhere of Wylam to Hexham to Whitfield and finished at the church of the Holy Paraclete in Kirkhaugh.
This year other commitments prevent me from taking part but I warmly recommend it. It is for a great cause and you get the chance to see some of the amazing churches we have here in Tynedale. If you can do it on a horse so much the better but a bike is still brilliant.