Monday, 1 September 2014

Westminster this week

PM is coming to the house today at 3.30 to update on the International Terrorism situation, and I have a variety of Home Office beforehand. In the evening we will be raising hospital parking charges and taking part in the mitochondrial replacement debate as well, provided the speaker allows us enough time to debate both matters as Mondays diary is a packed day in the Commons chamber, even allowing for the fact that we do not finish until 10pm.

Tuesday I have a Treasury question at 12.15 and will then be trying to take part in the Pensions Bill debate, which is a groundbreaking improvement on how we control our pension and retirement funds.
Wednesday is packed with meetings, PMQs and my Northumberland transport debate at the end of the day in the Commons chamber. There is a lot to raise but we are drafting the speech in the office at the moment.
Thursday I will try and go to the chamber for the puppy farming debate although I do have a series of meetings that day. We are here for Fridays debate as well, which is a recurring theme this coming winter as the Commons is sitting a lot of Fridays, making it difficult to get home for Friday surgeries. As always, if anyone has anyone complaints, problems or issues to raise then please get in touch by email, letter or phone or take them up locally with Pete, who is my roaming caseworker, holding surgeries in 6 different locations across the constituency.