Friday, 12 September 2014

Stories behind Hadrian's Wall pioneers celebrated at Wall Face exhibition at Housesteads

It is largely thanks to pioneers like William Hutton, who raised awareness of the Wall and its importance, that the world heritage site monument is there today.
Hutton is among 11 individuals who recorded, protected and revealed the stories behind the Hadrian’s Wall frontier who are honoured for their roles in an exhibition which spans 150 Roman frontier miles
Wall Face opened last month and continues to November 9.
It features 11 prints and photographs from the National Portrait Gallery in London, each alongside the life story and achievements of the individual at a Wall site associated with their work.
The show is at Housesteads fort in Northumberland.
The exhibition has been organised through a partnership of heritage organisations across the Wall - Vindolanda Trust, English Heritage, National Trust, Senhouse Museum Trust, Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums, Tullie House Museum and Art Gallery Trust and the Hadrian’s Wall Trust. Full details here: