Sunday, 28 September 2014

Guest Blog Post - student Mark Loughridge talks of life doing work experience in both offices

"It has been a great privilege to work for Guy and his team this summer, both in Hexham and in Westminster. To have had a first-hand glimpse at the hard work both offices are putting in for the people of Northumberland has been a fantastic experience. Two Mondays ago I was able to attend the Let’s Stay Together rally in Trafalgar Square. Armed with ‘Hexham says: Please stay!’ posters, we joined a huge crowd of people from all over Britain and made a very vocal case for Scotland to stay in our shared Union. I was particularly moved by Sir Bob Geldof’s passionate speech in which he, an Irishman by birth, praised the success of our Union and explained how he thought creating yet another boundary in our world would do little to make it a safer or friendlier place.

Guy had repeatedly voiced concern about the future of the North and Scotland if there was to be a ‘Yes’ vote on Thursday 18 – I hope that the thousands of people in Trafalgar Square on Monday were able to make a heartfelt case for why we are better together. The stakes this summer couldn’t be much higher, so to be in Westminster at this seminal moment in the history of our nation has been brilliant.
Finally, I’d like to thank Guy and all of his staff who have been so friendly and accommodating during what has been a rollercoaster summer. I hope many other young people from the North East are able to work alongside Guy and his team for years to come. "

For my part as the MP I cannot stress enough that we try and make the parliamentary and Hexham offices open to all, so get in touch.