Tuesday, 9 September 2014

The Scottish Referendum just got closer but the positive case for the Union is still strong

I have made many trips north of the border these last 18 months debating the Scottish Referendum, urging the Scots to say "No thanks", and making the positive case both for the Union and the fact that we, who live in the Rest of The UK, want the Scots to stay. Most recently I was in Hawick [with a team of 14 like minded southern based locals keen to help make the case for the Union] but before that I was in everywhere from Aberdeen to Argyll, Dumfries to Perthshire and many places in between.
As always close to election people worry, but it was ever thus, and you just have to keep campaigning, keep making the case, and worry not too much about the media. I will be going back north of the border in the last few days to help Better Together team get out the vote. In reality, like all elections this will be a numbers game and turnout on the day is key. If any of my constituents south of the Border want to do more then they can contact me and I will direct them as to where we are helping or they can contact Better Together direct  - their website is here: http://bettertogether.net/blog/entry/no-borders-between-our-young-people-and-opportunity

The crucial day will be 17th and 18th September. Any locals wanting to help on the 18th should get mark it out in their diary.