Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Unity Rally - thoughts on last nights impromptu #IndyRef event

Trafalgar Square was packed last night as thousands of Londoners came together to make the case to the Scots that they should say "No Thanks" on Thursday. Dan Snow, Jenny Colgan, Bob Geldof, Eddie Izzard and Al Murray, not in the guise of the Pub Landlord, all spoke passionately of what it means to be British, and celebrated the Scots as part of being British. A Unity Rally full of flags and quiet passion it was. We heard Colgan's 30 things that make us British and heard both Auden's classic poem, the Night Mail, and then listened to Al Murray on How being British is a lovely umbrella, that allows all the individual countries to flourish together. Bob Geldof, an immigrant Irishman was the most impassioned, arguing that:
- before the USA or the UN there was a United Kingdom, and that we should be proud of this great achievement.

Izzard spoke eloquently of the progress that the taking down of borders has brought. He mentioned the first astronauts in space who reported back that when looking down at the earth they "could see no borders". He said "humanity is about human beings coming together otherwise we have no future."
I am glad I went. I write this on the train north and shall be in Scotland on Thursday, in particular, getting the unionist vote out. This matters too much. Action this day.