Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Defence spending debate forgets we still have largest defence budget in the EU / 2nd in NATO

The UK has the second largest defence budget in NATO and the largest in the EU. The Government is currently spending more than 2% of GDP on defence and is committed to spending 2 per cent of GDP on defence in 2015/16. There is a debate presently being discussed as to whether we should commit to spending this sum for sure in future years. 

Over the next decade we are committed to spending well in excess of £100 billion on equipment and equipment support to keep Britain safe. That includes new strike fighters; type 26 frigates, more surveillance aircraft, hunter submarines, two aircraft carriers, and the most advanced armoured vehicles.

Decisions on spending after the financial year 2015/16 are determined in the next spending review post election. The Prime Minister has said that he does not want to see our regular armed services reduced below the level that they are now and remains committed to growing the Reserves to 35,000.
In addition the context to this is the desire to get other EU and NATO countries to pull their weight and contribute more to the defence of NATO, following last years agreement at the Newport summit. However, as always I would welcome constituents thoughts.