Wednesday, 4 March 2015

PMQs today - am on the list to be called by the Speaker

Reasons to be optimistic and positive about the north east of England.
The unemployment rate in the North East of England fell by 1.2% on the last quarter, which is the largest percentage fall of any region/country in the UK matched only by the West Midlands.

The fall in the unemployment rate in the North East was four times the national average percentage fall of 0.3%. 
Unemployment in the North East was 129,000 a year ago and has now fallen to 103,000- a percentage fall on the year of 18.2%

The Claimant count in the North East has fallen by 35% since May 2010

Private Sector employment is up 60,000 in the North East since 2010

There are now 44,000 more people in employment in the North east than in May 2010

There are 27,000 more businesses in the North East than in May 2010

There have been 143,780 apprenticeships started in the North east since May 2010

We have taken 119,000 people out of income tax altogether since May 2010