Friday, 27 March 2015

Modern Day Slavery received royal assent yesterday - much needed law change to prevent trafficking

I welcome the Modern Slavery Act 2015 as the Bill receives Royal Assent yesterday. While no Act can cover everything in the serious criminal activity of human trafficking and modern slavery, which abuses vulnerable people, the enhanced support and protection for victims is particularly to be welcomed; the crime of trafficking and modern slavery is a crime against humanity.

This from Cardinal Nichols: “I echo the Home Secretary’s words today when she describes the presence of modern slavery in today’s society as an affront to the dignity and humanity of every one of us. It is also important to recognise the vital role of Theresa May in ensuring the passage of this legislation. I pay tribute to her personal commitment to rid our society of this scourge and the support she has given to all those who seek to combat the traffickers and to care for the victims of trafficking.”
I certainly agree - my boss, the Home Secretary, has done great work to bring in this much needed change in the law.