Thursday, 19 March 2015

Thursday 11th September - The Tour of Britain Cycle Race goes from Prudhoe west through Northumberland

Pencil the date in and get Involved!

The detailed route is kept secret until closer to the event, but the outline was announced yesterday.
On Wed 10th Sep the race comes down across the Borders, past Alnwick, then down to a finish in Blyth.
On Thur 11th the race starts in Prudhoe then heads west right along the Tyne Valley into Cumbria then looping back for a west to east climb up Hartside. Some of the logic for the route is getting a balance between variation for the racers, a dramatic backdrop, but also accessibility for onlookers. i.e. there might be some roads which would seem very pretty to hold the race, but when cordoned off would make it very hard for large numbers of people to reach.

The race is clearly the pinnacle of speed and power, but the hope is it will help stimulate cycling across the full spectrum, in fact particularly those who can currently barely cycle. So encourage your local schools and community groups to plan activities leveraging the occurrence of the race.