Friday, 20 March 2015

Success of Roots to Prosperity team bears fruit in Help for forestry in Budget & next Tuesdays conference

I am speaking at the Confor conference next week on the need for support for forestry and wood panel groups like local businesses from Egger downwards.
Building on the general good news from the Budget, and our long campaign to get support for commercial forestry, ie another Kielder, and the work of the Roots To Prosperity group, I was delighted to see this in Wednesday's Budget:

"2.257 Fund for Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) supported forestry schemes – The industry led initiative ‘Roots to Prosperity’ has demonstrated the value of collaboration between the forestry industry, Local Authorities and LEPs. To encourage this further, the government will launch a nationwide £1 million fund to support schemes that will promote the growth of the forestry industry in their region and which have the support of their local LEP."
Tuesdays conference will bring together all the key players in the Forestry world.